Monday, September 04, 2006

Beard Papa Puffnstuff

If you haven't heard of Beard Papa yet - shame on you pop shoppers! My girlfriend surprised me two weeks ago with the opening on Sawtelle of Beard Papa Cream Puffs, from Japan. (Previously we had only seen them on a Food Network program). These delightful delicious desserts are on a limited menu of Vanilla, Chocolate, and yes..Green Tea. Depending on the month, they rotate special flavors like Strawberry and a Chocolate Eclair version. What makes them so may ask? The puff dough is imported from Japan, and has a flaky, outside, with another layer of piecrust type dough on the
inside and finally, a Pudding/Whipcream combo to die for. Since then, I have managed to go to the Hollywood and Highland location via the Metro. I'm hooked...too bad I just joined a gym today!

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benton jew said...

Creampuffs....sooo good, sooo bad for you.
Went to the one at Hollywood and Highland a
few months ago. Earlier in the year, I saw one
in San Francisco. The line spilled out into the
street. May be the next big thing. I hear a lot
of Japanese specialty restaurants like Papa Beard
are invading the states. Theres a place that
makes fried octopus balls that is trying to open up
stores here sometime. We'll see how THAT goes over...