Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now I'm REALLLLLY feeling old!

So here it is, folks, the 25TH Anniversary release of the ultra famous album, THRILLER by the once black entertainer, Michael Jackson. I can't believe it has been so long. I was a mere Sophomore when MJ's sophomore album came out. The videos,were the most memorable from lighting sidewalk squares on "Billy Jean" to the almost comical "Beat It" video where MJ acts like a tough guy in a Westside Story-type scenario. Comical, I say..but every dude i knew tried learning the moves. How could one not forget the hype and anticipation for the over the top cinematic John Landis "Thriller" video? Nothing like it at the time, with the crazy friend, Wilber bought a vinyl version of the red leather jacket too - and boy was he cool for it! and yes..we all learned the dance on that one too. The catchy "PYT-Pretty Young Thing" was sort of a naughty ditty, that would take on a whole new meaning later in MJ's career(2X in fact). The wimpy duet, "The Girl Is Mine" marks a pinnacle point in music for this relationship prompted Sir Paul to open his big mouth of advice to MJ about buying publishing rights...John and George are spinning around(and NOT Moonwalking) in their graves for all eternity. The album is solid except for the sappy "Lady In My Life" I have to say that this is one of the most played albums I have ever owned,and will probably buy it for old times sake.


Anson Jew said...

My favorite part of the "Thriller" video was when Michael tells his girl "I'm not like other guys." That always got everyone in the room howling.


Les Toil said...

Ya know, it was the Thriller video that signified Michael's decline. I think that was like the first magnum opus of a music video. 20 minutes long or something? There was just something so inflated and pompous and overly-produced about it that pretty much killed that magical coolness he displayed in the Beat It and Billie Jean videos. Or maybe it was that fucking stupid disclaimer they showed before the video began about how he doesn't believe in the occult or some shit and how the video is purely for entertainment sake and not to be taken seriously. I just wanted to kick his ass at that point. I was actually under the impression he was getting laid until that video came out. It was like he became a joke over night, but the night before he was a soulful phenomenon.

What's New, Pussycat? said...

AJ - the other comment that got everyone howling was in "The Girl Is Mine"..."Paul I Think I told you, I'm A Lover Not A Fighter!". Les - Def. agree. Thriller done did him in, and did change my perception of him. And the occult disclaimer - Puh-lease! Oh well, I was too busy looking at Ola Rey