Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life Imitates Apes

Damn! Damn! Damn! How did those Damn Dirty Apes know? 40 years later - who would have guessed that life would imitate art.
1968's hit movie, Planet of The Apes showed a scene where captured Astronauts, Landon and Dodge meet a fate of being stuffed humans for display in the Apes' museum - a statement of our own Natural History museums. The last few years have seen the trend of the Human Body exhibits seen throughout the world. I have not gone to one yet, but I do find it very strange. At first, I felt it was like going to draw at the morgue, back at City College for a life drawing class, so it felt like a very "artistic" endeavor. I recently saw a expose on 20/20 that had a hidden camera tracking down the Merchants of cadavers,that included a suspician that the bodies up for sale in China, were thought to be patients from prison. Legit or not, I'm not sure if I would "bone up the bucks" for this one.

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Anson Jew said...

I saw this when it first came to LA a couple of years ago. Although some of the more "artistic" or "whimsical" poses kind of made me feel a little uneasy, I found the science of the whole thing fascinating.